3.2V 206Ah 54173200 LiFePO4 Cells

Model: LNC54173200-206000

Nominal Voltage: 3.2V

Nominal Capacity: 206000mAh

Material: LFP

3.2V 206Ah 54173200 LiFePO4 Cells

Paramter Specification Condition
External Appearance No breakage, scratch, deformation, stain, electrolyte leakage, etc. N/A
Size 54mm*173mm*200mm See appendix 13 at details
Rated Current 0.5C 103A
Nominal Capacity 206Ah Standard charge and discharge
Nominal Voltage 3.2V 25±2℃
Weight 4000±120g N/A
Max.Charge Voltage 3.65V 0℃≤T≤60℃
Min. Discharge Voltage 2.5V 0℃≤T≤60℃
2.0V -20℃≤T≤0℃
Energy Density ≥164Wh/kg Mass energy density
≥350Wh/L Volume energy density
AC Internal Resistance <0.3mΩ Fresh cells(45%SOC)
Shipping Capacity 93±1Ah 45%SOC
Self discharge Per month≤3.5% Standard charge to 45% SOC, storage at 25±2℃.
Rest SOC ≥5% SOC interval without load or charge
Altitude ≤2000m N/A
Storage Temperature -20~45℃(in 1 month) -20~35℃(in 6months) Storage environment humidity ≤85%RH SOC: 20~50%SOC
Cycle Fading ≤5% 25±2℃, cycle test by the standard charge and discharge method under 300±30kgf preload for 180 cycles.
Stoage Fading ≤3.5% 25±2℃,initial clamping force 300±30kgf, standard charge to 100% SOC for 6months.

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